Engineering Calculations for Everyone

Looking for a free and open source alternative to Mathcad or an engineering focused alternative to Desmos? If this is you, you need to check out is a free web app for engineering calculations. Try it now or find out more below. screenshot collage

Powerful Features allows you to enter equations as you would see them in a textbook and automatically handles unit checking and unit conversions. Advanced features such as equation solving and plotting are easy to use.

Run it Anywhere

Since runs in your web browser, you can run it on any platform including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Chrome OS, and Android. leverages the power of web assembly and Python to run all of your calculations locally on your own computer.

iPad next to a PC
Example of shared sheet

Share Your Calculations

Easily share your calculations by generating a shareable link. Anyone will be able to open and use your calculations without needing to install anything.

Generate Professional Reports

With a single click, export your calculations as a professionally formatted Adobe PDF or editable Microsoft Word files.

iPad next to a PC

Get Started Now is designed to be intuitive to use. Try it out today to bring your engineering calculations into the modern age.For good places to start, see the built-in tutorial by clicking the help button in the app or check out the official blog for numerous examples of being used to solve engineering problems.
You can also check out the Official YouTube Channel to get tips and tricks on using
Join the community on Reddit to get your questions answered, to share your calculations with others, and to provide feedback to the developers. is unaffiliated with Mathcad, PTC Inc., Desmos, Desmos Inc., Microsoft Word, Microsoft Corp., Adobe PDF, and Adobe Systems Inc. Mathcad is a registered trademark of PTC Inc., Desmos is a registered trademark of Desmos Inc., Microsoft Word is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp., and Adobe PDF is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.